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VP of R&D for MigVax Job Description

MigVax is developing an oral subunit vaccine for COVID-19.

The VP of R&D role will oversee and supervise all of the scientific activities of MigVax. Their responsibilities include:


  • Manage the day-to-day R&D, manufacturing and quality processes of our company

  • Oversee manufacturing collaboration among facilities

  • Assay establishment, qualification and quality control, with relevant documentation

  • Regulatory documentation and regulatory submission support

  • Support pre-clinical and clinical development of the vaccine. These may include support of collaborations worldwide, conducting science and bench work within and outside of the company 

  • Potential integration of new technologies and supporting Company innovation, within the company, or through collaborations.


The VP of R&D will be responsible for recruiting and building the required teams as well as directing R&D activities of the Company. 


The VP of R&D will be responsible for budgets, timelines and reporting to management and Board.  A “Hybrid” job – Currently 2-3 days a week are needed to be present at Migal labs (Kirayt Shmona) and the rest from home.



  1. PhD in Immunology or related field

  2. 7-10 years of Pharmaceutical industry experience, including management roles

  3. Specific proved experience in protein development from R&D to licensed product

  4. Experience in vaccine or drug development 

  5. Excellent problem-solver and ability to work with various unknowns

  6. Team leader as well as team player

  7. Able to perform in both local and global environments


CV can be sent by email to: