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About MigVax Ltd.

Missions and Values
Mission and Values

MigVax was established in 2020 via a leading investment from OurCrowd, the crowdfunding venture investment platform, MigVax set out to modify a well-established coronavirus vaccine developed by Migal for the immunization of poultry, and to use its advanced methodologies to create its innovative oral subunit vaccine for the immunization of humans, starting with the COVID-19.


The COVID-19 vaccine project initiated upon a inter-disciplinary research team successful development of a vaccine against Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV), an avian (poultry) Coronavirus with high similarity to today’s human COVID-19 that uses the same infection mechanism.


Given the similarity, and following required genetic adjustments, the same vaccination concepts should apply. The inter-disciplinary research group is uniquely qualified to carry out this work. It carries several years of experience in vaccine development projects at MIGAL. 

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The Team


David Zigdon                         President

Prof. Itamar Shalit                SAB Clinical

Sigal Tal MD.                          VP Clinical & Regulatory

Ofira Carmi                            VP R&D

Ronald Ellis Ph.D.                  CTO

Galina Rodionov                     Quality Director


Einav Askenazi                      Project Manager


Prof. Jacob Pitcovski            Virology and Poultry Vaccination

Ehud Shahar Ph.D.               Immunology

Itai Bloch                               Computational Chemistry

Itamar Yadid, Ph.D.              Microbial Metabolic Pathways


Rivka Zaibel                           QA/RA Consultant

Roni Pinkus Ph.D.                  Production Consultant


The Team

Migal Galilee Research Institute Ltd, an internationally-recognized multi-disciplinary applied research institute located in Israel’s northern Galilee. Migal was established in 1979, and today is addressing the world’s most pressing challenges by research in biotechnology, computer sciences, plant science, precision agriculture and environmental sciences, and food, nutrition and health. Recognized as a powerhouse of applied research, for forty years MIGAL has cooperated closely with industry leaders, innovative startups, and technological accelerators. MIGALs' employees include 90 PhDs and 190 researchers distributed across 44 research groups, operating as an innovative research ecosystem that encourages collaboration across scientific, industrial, agricultural, academic and technological specialties.


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