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MigVax’s corona

subunit vaccine

MigVax's Vaccine

MigVax-101 utilizes a chimeric protein to generate three kinds of simultaneous immunological responses: mucosal, blood-based, and cell-mediated immunity. This triple-armed approach provides comprehensive protection against infection by activating all arms of the immune system, allowing for the effective eradication of the invading virus. Its epitopes were designed using computational chemistry of immunogenic epitopes in IBV, MERS, SARS-COV and SAS-COV-2, focusing on neutralizing antibodies and promoting an immune response.

Current commercial COVID-19 vaccines are mostly injectable.

  • Injectables present logistical and technical challenges.

  • Optimal protection at virus’ mucosal entry points may be lacking with current vaccines.

  • WHO: 16 Billion Vaccine doses delivered in 2021, valued at $141B.

  • Billions of doses undelivered due to cold-chain requirements and lack of skilled healthcare personnel.

  • Vaccine administration cost: $17-30/dose.

  • Hesitancy survey across 23 countries: 1% (UK) to 21.1% (South Africa), with 12% hesitant about booster dose.

​​Advantages of MigVax’s

Oral Tablet COVID-19 Subunit vaccine

  • Dissolves on the tongue. 

  • No need for healthcare professionals for administration

  • Stable at room temperature for 2 months.

  • Simplified logistics.

  • Protein-based formulation.
    Potential safety for pediatric, adolescent, pregnant populations

  • vaccine hesitants.Platform technology

  • Triple-arm immunity

The Main Achievements of the Program

  • Heterologous Boost

Humoral immunity: Following two injected priming doses, Oral or injected vaccines are comparable for boosting neutralizing antibodies

Mucosal immunity: Oral boosting increased IgA levels in BAL comparable to injected boost

Cellular immunity: Tests In progress

  • Neutralization with S prime and RBD boost is consistent with published literature


  • Preclinical safety


Full preclinical safety study completed

Immediate and Recovery safety tested followed by one or two boosts

No significant safety signals observed in full pre-clinical safety study

Migvax Vaccine .jpg

3 Protein Components:

  • LTB - E. coli Heat-Labile Toxin B-subunit – adjuvant and carrier (trans)

  • RBD - Receptor Binding Domain of the SARS-CoV-2 Spike (S) protein

  • LTB-NC - C-terminal of SARS-CoV-2 Nucleocapsid protein (NC) 
    genetically fused to LTB (cis)


Mechanism of Action:

  • MigVax-101 acts on the oropharyngeal mucosa

  • Vaccine proteins with LTB (cis and trans) are taken up by the oropharyngeal epithelial cells via the GM1 receptors and are presented to the immune system in the lamina propria.

Induction of 3 arms of the immune system

  • Humoral immunity – serum IgG; neutralizing antibodies

  • Mucosal immunity – anti-RBD mucosal IgA in feces and lung wash

  • Cell-mediated immunity

MigVax’ AI Prediction System for Future Variants –“Ahead of the Curve”
MigVax’s strategy utilizes a combination of advanced analytical approaches based on a proprietary Artificial Neural Network (ANN) that combines sequence and structural analyses
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